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We are a Data Technology and Recovery team that have come together to provide you the most reliable recovery available in Toronto, Ontario.

We also have a complete background in all areas of Technology and understand the different procedures, caveats and formats that must be followed in order to get your data back. From setting up your infrastructure, protecting it’s data contents and recovering it, we know the whole life cycle. Watch Our Commercial.

Our Services

We offer a range of recovery services including Raid & Server Recovery, Desktop & Laptop Recovery, Portable Media Recovery and Device Recovery. All of our services come with our Data guarantee: No Data, No Charge! You can trust us with your data - our recovery is secure and confidential.

Raid & Server Recovery

Raid & Server Recovery

  • data recovery of all levels of Raids and servers
  • recovery of all types of Raids, 0, 1, 5, & 10
  • includes our data guarentee: No Data, No Charge
Desktop & Laptop Recovery

Desktop & Laptop Recovery

  • inability to boot up - we fix that and recover your data
  • recover from Blue screen of death and viruses
  • operating system independent - MAC OSX, Windows, Linux
Portable Media Recovery

Portable Media Recovery

  • IDE, SATA, Flash and Solid State Drives
  • any Hardrive or USB Manufacturer
  • includes our data guarentee: No Data, No Charge
Device Restore

Device Recovery

  • secure and discreet recovery of your data
  • iPod, iPhone, PDA, Blackberry and tablets
  • includes our data guarentee: No Data, No Charge

Who We Serve

We serve the greater Toronto area with our superior PC Recovery service, including Markham and Mississauga. Our local clients, big and small, credit us as being the best in the industry and continually trust us with their data. They call us the data recovery experts in Toronto for a reason - always secure, always reliable.

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